A Guide to Getting a United Kingdom Passport

If you are looking to obtain a United Kingdom passport the most frequent way to apply is by using the traditional three to six week renewal and application written form or the free online services. By accessing the free online services a check and send option is available in which you will receive your passport in three weeks. Same day or one week Passport Services are also available if you are unable to wait three to six weeks.

The fast track renewal service, which can reduce the process by five weeks, is only available to British Citizens who have already obtained a United Kingdom passport and need to renew it. This seven day service is beneficial to British Citizens if their previous passport was stolen, lost, or damaged. Unfortunately, this option is not available to individuals who are over the age of sixteen and have not previously had a passport or were included in their parent’s passport. If you are over the age of sixteen and this is your first time applying for a passport, you will need to follow the standard application process. To benefit from the Fast Track service you are required to make an appointment with the Passport Office, which can be completed online, and either you or an authorized person needs to attend the scheduled time.

With the one day Premium Service a British Citizen can renew their current passport or be issued a replacement within four hours of visiting one of the seven Passport Offices. This service is not available for first time adult or children applicants. Attending the regional office for a meeting is mandatory in receiving a passport for the first time. Once again, you may attend in person or allow an authorized person to be present on your behalf. It is vital to inform you that an appointment is necessary for you to receive a passport the same day.

There are seven offices authorized to issue passports in the United Kingdom all of which can assist you with all of your passport needs. It should be noted that it may take as long as three weeks to secure an appointment when requesting a Premium Same Day or Fast Track booking. Making sure you have all required documents and having patience will ensure a smooth transaction in most cases.