Add Style To Your Life a Little Imagination

Have you recently moved into a new dorm, apartment or house? If so, you have probably been unpleasantly surprised at how much you can spend trying to make your living space look good. You can only find so much at flea markets and discount stores, before you are faced with needing some special touches that makes the space uniquely yours. Instead of draining your bank account to do this, all you need is some ribbon and your imagination.

You only need some ribbon? Yes, ribbon isn’t just for tying up packages anymore, although you can make some wonderful wrappings with brown paper bags and the right ribbons. These days, you have pretty much every kind of ribbon made at your disposal and many of them cost pennies per yard. You are probably thinking you are supposed to make a wreath or a pretty bow and attach it to your door. You can, but why not avoid having to spend money on curtains that everyone else has and make your own window covering?

About now, you are thinking that if you had a the ability and time to sew, you wouldn’t have a problem that needs to be solved. By using ribbons, you don’t even have to touch a needle, let alone a sewing machine. There are ribbons that come in wide widths and sheer colors that can be used to attach to any existing or new curtain rod to make a delightful window covering. You can choose the colors and style you want to create a unique look that no one else will have. You can even use this same technique to create room dividers or to attractively cover a doorway instead of using beads.

Why not find an attractive curtain or towel rod at those discount stores, or even use a free piece of found wood to attach your ribbon strips to for a wall hanging? You can make it any size you want, to cover as much wall as you have. Then use coordinating ribbon to tie or glue onto cheap votive candles holders for stylish accessories. You can use any leftover ribbons to weave together for a belt that will look great with jeans and a boho blouse. You can decorate and improve your personal style easily with what is available on sites such as