American Jewelry Traditions and Where They Originated

Ever stop and look at your wedding ring and wonder to yourself where did the tradition of wedding rings come from. Or have you ever wondered what a real traditional wedding ring was. You can look around today and see many variations of wedding rings, some are tattooed on the skin, some are gold, some are silver and some have diamonds.

Prehistory of the wedding ring dates back to the cavemen who tired a grass braid around the wife’s wrists and waist as a symbol of the wedding ring. The Egyptians were buried with silver rings on the left hand believing that that finger connected to the heart. Puzzle rings had been found in Asia as a tag for the sultan’s wives. The Victorians had dearest ring sets, which were made of human hair with a diamond or emerald set into them, to spell out their names.

The tradition of wedding rings comes from the origins of Europe. They called the wedding ring a promise ring. The wedding was seen as immoral in American eyes in the 17th and 18th century. We used thimbles as our wedding ring here and then fashioned into rings after the couple was married. It wasn’t until the 20th century that men wore wedding rings, the rings where wore by the wife’s before then. The yellow gold and common engravings come from the western countries. For instance mine has our names engraved on the inside of the ring.

On that note have you ever wondered where the tradition of birth stones comes from? Just about everyone has worn or seen a set of birth stone jewelry. From mother’s rings to class rings, people place their birth stone into a set. The tradition of birth stones comes from Egypt. The tradition came from mosses brother Aaron who wore a breast plate of four rows of three stones each. There was twelve stone one for each of the sons of Israel, and their names engraved over them. This Represented the twelve tribes. The stones also symbolized the twelve months of the year as well.

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