Changing Your Look in Hopes of Getting Your Ex Back

How horrific is your hair and wardrobe, and do you want your ex back? Did your ex constantly complain that he was tired of seeing you in t-shirts and sweatpants? There is no question that working out is important and so is relaxing at the end of the day in comfortable clothes. However, clearly, your ex was not attracted to your look. As a result, this may be why he left the relationship. You can find out more about why your look matters to men in relationships by going to

There will be times when a man, you are in relationship with, will see you when you do not look your best. However, it should not be an every day event. You need to look good for your man. You can do that by taking some time to pick out your clothes, your makeup and style your hair. Remember, he is seeing a number of women each day. For example, he will see women at his job, on the street and where he shops. If all those women, are some of those women, are looking incredible, and he comes to your apartment and sees your hair looking like a bird’s nest and your clothes looking like something you pulled out of the gym locker, how impressed do you think he will be?

You have to take time to look good. This may mean you need to go shopping and purchase some clothes that suit your body by complimenting your curves. Next, you may need to purchase some makeup to cover up your flaws and bring out your best features. You also might need to invest in a hairstylist to give you an incredible look. By doing this, you will have a good chance of turning things around. This is because your ex will see you in a new light. One that he may have been wishing for and he will not miss your transformation.

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