Check Out The Diverse Gay Atlanta Scene

Atlanta has a thriving gay scene. The city of Atlanta is full of gay friendly restaurants and bars. There are lots of different areas of town that gay and lesbian individuals feel free to be themselves. If you want to go out with your friends and feel comfortable being yourself, you need to check out the following restaurants and bars that represents gay Atlanta.

The Hideaway

Just like the name implies, you have to search around a little in order to find the entrance to the Hideaway. You can find a mix of young and old patrons at the Hideaway. It is a great place to grab a drink with your friends. You can even play darts and shoot some pool with your friends for free at the Hideaway.

Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop

If you want to enjoy some coffee with your friends in a comfortable place, make sure you stop by Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop. It is a great place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while chatting with friends. It is also located in the middle of East Atlanta Village. Just down the street from Joe’s, you can find some of the best gay bars in Atlanta, including Mary’s and My Sister’s Room.


Mary’s has been voted by the Creative Loafing as the Atlanta’s best gay bar and best karaoke bar for five years in a row. This is a pretty incredible streak. The place has a great vibes. They have an extensive karaoke catalog. You are sure to find a song you want to sing while hanging out at Mary’s.

My Sister’s Room

My Sister’s Room is just down the street from Mary’s and Joe’s. My Sister’s Room is a lesbian bar that has long been popular with the locals. They host special events all the time. They bill themselves as a sports bar and grill, so you can expect to enjoy some sports and great food while at My Sister’s Room.

Atlanta has a thriving and diverse gay scene. There are lots of gay friendly businesses in Atlanta. You can enjoy gay friendly restaurants, coffee shops and bars in Atlanta. Make sure you check out The Hideaway, Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop, Mary’s and My Sister’s Room.