Children’s Raincoats Turn Rainy Days Into Days Filled With Sparkling Eyes and Laughter.

After a long winter cooped up inside the house, the spring rains draw your children outside. It’s still too cool for them to end up soaking wet, but warm enough that they could play outside. Every child in your home, should be outfitted with a special raincoat. With more options available than ever before, your child does not have to wear the standard yellow slicker that the Morton Salt girl wore. That is unless they want to. They also come in a number of different materials, lengths and designs.

Matching umbrellas and rain boots are added bonuses to the outdoor play, in the rain. Imagine an early spring rain, you have the windows open, the fresh air scented with rain is clearing winter from your home. Your kids scramble into their new rain boots and Children’s Raincoats and dash out the door. Squeals of delight, come in with the fresh air. Favorite childhood memories are being created with faces upturned to catch the rain, and puddle jumping, splashing adventures. You will be greeted with rosy cheeks, bright eyes and laughter when they come in. Even though it is raining outside, your home will be filled with the sunshine of their happiness.

Before the rains come, plan a special day to head out to the stores to purchase the rain gear, together. Buying the raincoat can being an adventure in itself. Bright colors, pretty patterns and a wide range of prices are available. When they try on the coats, make sure they can fully cross their arms in front of them, allowing full range of motion. If the weather is cool when the rains begin, they may have on a bulky sweater or sweatshirt underneath. The arms of the coat will need to be large enough to accommodate a bulky sweater. Next, make sure the closures are easy for the kids to do themselves. Does the coat have a hood or do you need to purchase a hat? Umbrellas are nice when dashing in and out, but hats allow the freedom of using their hands.

When it rains, kids are always drawn to it. The quiet sound of the world being washed clean, the plopping of drops in puddles, and glistening leaves that seem brighter, somehow draw them outside. Prepare them, outfit them, make this a wonderful memory for them. When it rains, send them outside with bright smiles and the perfect raincoat.