Creative Ways to Launch New Products

There are so many new products being placed on the market that it is easy for some to be completely overlooked. Businesses have to continually develop creative ways to launch new products to compete in today’s crowded markets. A product that just appears on store shelves is less likely to get noticed than one people are anticipating. Marketing begins months before something new is released to boost sales of existing products in the line and create excitement over the new addition.

A potato chip company, for example, that is successful with a few flavors wants to build on its popularity. Launching a new flavor could be as easy as a commercial or an email campaign that includes a coupon. That will attract loyal customers who will check out the new flavor, but that may not draw any new customers. One chip company ran a campaign for months. It invited people to try three new flavors and then vote for which new flavor would be launched. Sales were boosted by people trying the new flavors before the launch. General buzz and discussions were all over the internet, several commercials were produced, and the anticipation leading up to the announcement of the chosen flavor was high. The new flavor was chosen by the customers so it was an immediate success.

Candy companies have launched similar campaigns to add varieties to successful chocolate bars, bite-sized candy, and mixed bags of products for snacking. In all campaigns, social media is an important component. It is also a great equalizer for independent companies when it comes to introducing new products into the market. An example is the successful Hampton Creek product launch that was used to expand its line of salad dressings. Pictures on Instagram, videos and recipes on YouTube, content and video on Facebook, and announcements on Twitter were all used to launch the flavors. It also served well to let customers know exactly where to find the new items. Recipes for the new flavors were demonstrated before the products were even available. People who had tasted Just Ranch were anticipating the arrival of Just Italian, Just Thousand, and others. Those who had not yet tried the dressings were waiting for their favorite flavor to be released.