Cynthia, Female Nerd’s Rejoice in Her Snarkiness

There is a fun and agreeable subculture going on right now. Nerd culture is at an all-time high. It is the dorks who are getting the girls, making the serious money, and dipping into mainstream culture. The Big Bang Theory is filled with a cast of bio-engineers and physicists who argue about why Pluto deserved to be a planet. This show gets insane ratings. Video games have never been larger. The industry is worth more than the film industry, and that is staggering. Consider for a moment where video games started. Consider that just the last generation saw video games as mild distractions where players jump over barrels or cross the street as a frog.

Cynthia is part of a whole new subculture of nerd excitement. She has a firm grasp of what is going on in geek culture, including who REALLY is the most powerful of the core Avengers, or why search engine optimization has the potential to reinvent the way the Internet works. She likes Bitcoin and is at least intrigued by what it means. When most people hardly know what it is, she can explain the difference between a Bitmine and a web transfer valuation. She loves 00’s and 00’s sitcoms like The DL Hughley’s Show, and she has a bizarre fascination with Miami Heat despite being able to name at least half of the current Pokemon.

Cynthia Weymout is from Jupiter, Florida. It is a quiet beachside town just north of Miami, and not much happens there. It is a glorified retirement community, splashed with passing tourists that stop in for lunch as they head to key West and Ft. Lauderdale. Cynthia’s perspective is fresh because it manages to be snarky without being condescending. She knows what she is talking about, whether that be impressing a boy or building a web SEO campaign strictly through Google Adwords. He snarky attitude is instantly appealing. Anyone who has seen Ant-Man, made a website from scratch, or wanted to attract the best looking guy in the room will find something to take away from Cynthia’s fun little Facebook page.