Different Uses for Facebook and Twitter

Twitter and Facebook can be a wonderful way to interact with friends. Some people post pictures of their kids, bragging on their accomplishments and showing them off for all to see. It’s not wrong; it’s just one way to keep your family and friends who live far away up to date on the happenings. It kind of replaces the long Christmas letter many used to include in their Christmas cards. However, keeping up with people in your life is just one way people use social media these days. These days, a person can use their social media accounts for any number of reasons.

On Twitter, for example, you might go to Juliette‘s profile and find someone who is using their twitter account to showcase articles she finds of interest. This is a great way to learn what’s going on in the world outside of your own personal news channel. Still others use their social media accounts to provide job links to others who are interested in finding a job. They will take pictures of help wanted signs or post links to interesting job opportunities. What a great public service they’re providing to those in the local area.

Another use for news feeds people have found is posting Amber alerts and missing pet posts. Some people will provide links to the Humane Society when a pet is set to be euthanized. How great is this for pet lovers and those looking to adopt? For the chef in us all, one can always find recipe links for meals or desserts. Social media has almost made the need for a cookbook obsolete.

So, whether you want to be like Juliette and post articles for everyone to enjoy or you want to simply correspond with your cousins on the other side of the country, social media has made it a breeze to stay in touch on so many different levels. What you don’t enjoy reading, you can scroll right past or you can jump in and make your social media presence something unique. Whether you want to play games and send out invites for others to join you or post pictures of hummingbirds from your last walk, make your Twitter or Facebook something you can be proud of.