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Magician and Mind Reading Wedding Entertainer

Planning a party can be a stressful experience. Carefully chosen entertainment can make or break your celebration. If you’re looking for a exciting way to bring unique entertainment to your next gathering, consider hiring a mind reader or magician. This performance can be view traditionally, though a show presented for the audience, or in a fashionable “walk around” style by discretely intermingling with the parts guests. Magicians and mind reading specialists offer shows and “walk around” style entertainment to accommodate the needs of your specific party. We specialise in weddings, corporate events, stand up, and intimate parties.

Bring a magician to your wedding and watch as your guests are delighted by the amazing acts Magicians are excellent wedding entertainers, famous for bringing unique performances to intimate occasions. There are several show options to choose from when considering adding a wedding magician to your special evening. This award winning magic show will surprise guests. A wedding magician may perform for the whole party after a dinner.

Mind reading is another unforgettable way to shock and entertain your guests. Mind reading will add a classically nostalgic feel to your wedding and it is an interesting form of mind bending fun. Those who have experienced mind reading are often surprised by the performance.

Mind readers often ask for their guests think of an image or number. After asking them to keep the image in their minds, they artist will ask for the guest to draw the image. The accuracy of the performance will leave your wedding guests feeling amazed and mystified. Mind readers may also blindfold guests, guess pin numbers, and reveal thoughts!

The performer will come to your wedding and mingle socialise with you guests. This interesting offer will give your guests something to talk about as they are amazed by the performance. This package is great for those who are interested in a nonintrusive way to incorporate entertainment into your evening mixings. This also allows each audience member to get a close up and personal chance to participate in the show. By blending in with the rest of the guests, he is the perfect way to liven up your party. This unobtrusive form of entertainment is a perfect way to blend everyone together and liven up the reception.

Magical entertainment is a great idea for an enjoyable, modern wedding. Your wedding will be buzzing with laughter at this fantastic show. Because weddings often have a wide range of guests, from you great grandmother to your college friends, it’s important to select entertainment that will be enjoyable by everyone! Be mystified by the mind reading magician! Perfect for lulls in the evening and for bringing people together, this show will help your night flow perfectly. This form of entertainment is so flexible, it can fit into any part of the day. Whether your wedding is a grand event or intimate occasion, the mind reading magician can accommodate any of your entertainment needs.

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