Events That Keep Our Seniors Active

Staying active keeps the brain active and the body healthy. Studies have proven that when we engage our seniors in vivid activity experiences, they come alive and thrive. No senior should be cooped up in their homes, unable to travel and experience all that life has to offer. With our home care cambridge activities for seniors, there is never a dull moment.

We offer many diverse opportunities for our seniors to stay active in the community. Our Artful Adventures program allows our seniors the opportunity to attend concerts, dramas, chorus presentations, and poetry readings. They also visit museums and take painting, quilting, and ceramics classes that enrich their lives with cultural meaning.

The “Brain Healthy” cooking classes we offer provide a rich environment in which our seniors enjoy themselves and learn how to provide nourishment for their bodies to keep their brains healthy. These classes are a fun way for the seniors to socialize and learn valuable information and skills.

We also offer the Knowledge Connection program which has adult education classes of all types. The lectures and workshops are often run by our residents, but we also have outside guest speakers from time to time. Seniors are able to discuss current events and join book clubs to keep their minds engaged.

For movement, we have walking clubs that walk daily. There is also the opportunity for gardening and classes such as, strength training, tai chi, yoga, dance, and chair aerobics. This keeps our seniors physically active and helps to keep their bodies healthy.

Our senior care also offers spiritual nourishment in for the form of religious services. We offer transportation to and from religious events. There are Bible study sessions along with worship opportunities.

Our Get Connected program allows our seniors to enjoy group computer instruction courses and to gain one on one assistance in learning to use email, Skype, and other computer programs.

Along with many opportunities to volunteer in the community, we offer fun events throughout the year to keep the seniors having fun. They have live entertainment, parties, seasonal activities, passport days, movies, bridge, bingo, and trivia nights. All of these activities are geared towards fun and the seniors love it!

On top of all of these activities and opportunities, we also have the You’ve Got Wheels program that provides transportation for seniors for shopping, dining, sightseeing, and worship.

Our seniors are provided a plethora of activities so that there is always something for them to do or participate in. We enjoy providing these wonderful activities for our seniors. They seem to thrive when given an enriching environment.