Fame and Partners Helps You Look Your Best: Things to Rent for Your Prom

Planning for prom night can be fun and exciting and something that your kids are definitely looking forward to. However, the bill can get very lofty for just one night. The great thing is that you can do a lot of renting to get through the night. Chances are the things that are bought for prom may never be used again so here are some things that you can rent to save a few hundred bucks.

Tuxedo and Dresses

It is no secret that prom tux rentals are already a popular practice. However, many do not know that you can also rent dresses. There are places that you can rent a dress for your daughter. The great part about these dress rentals is that you do not have to worry about anyone else having the same dress because these shops thrive on having a large collection of sizes, styles and colors. They will have you try on different dresses to figure out the styling that is best for you.


There are all kinds of rental vehicles available for prom night and all of the festivities. The great part about renting a vehicle is that the cost can be split among at least 3 or 4 couples. This means that you can split the bill at least by a couple and then each couple can divvy up the cost between themselves. The great part is that you can get an awesome vehicle such as an SUV that has been stretched out for that extra luxury. The best part about the rental vehicle is that there will be a designated driver. We know that the high school seniors are not old enough to drink, but the reality is that it still happens.


Accessories such as shoes and jewelry can also be rented. If you are renting a dress or a tux, those outfitters will usually offer a head to toe ensemble including everything. You can be as elegant as you want without having to break the bank.

You want to make sure that you look your very best for this milestone event in your life, and fame and partners can help you with this. If you have questions about choosing the right dress, give them a call. It is never too early to plan for your prom.