Four Reasons Why He is Ignoring you After a Break up

If you’ve ask yourself why is he ignoring me after a breakup, you aren’t alone. Many women ask this question when they’ve tried to reach out to an ex after a break up. Here are at least four reasons why he may not be taking your calls or returning your text messages.

1. He is Still Upset

He doesn’t want you to know that he is still hurting over the break up. Every man has his own way of dealing with hurt feelings. However, many will retreat and not make contact. This could be why your ex is not contacting you. Although this may be tough for you, it is a good idea to let him have this time. During this time it is a good idea that you tend to your own feelings to try to sort through the reasons for the break you.

2. He is Punishing You

When you end a relationship, your ex may be angry. By ignoring your calls and text messages it may be his way of trying to punish you. You hurt him and now he is trying to hurt your feelings by not returning your gestures to connect.

3. He’s Moved On

Coming to grips with the fact that he may have moved on is difficult to admit for some women. Deep down you know already if this is true. It’s best that you decide now if you truly feel that your ex has moved on. Doing so will release you from mental bondage. Not knowing is worse than knowing because you can move on too.

4. He is Enjoying Time A Way

Similar to him moving on, but different because in this way he still cares for you but wants his space. In this case, he may be ignoring you because he knows that if he does see you he will cave in and take you back.

Whatever the reason, you must take back your control. It’s not fair to you that you wait for a response. Use this break up to rediscover who you are and what makes you special. If you were the clingy one in the relationship, it is time to build your self confidence and to learn how to do things alone. You might be surprised how much fun you are to be with. It may be difficult at first but as you tend to your own self worth, it becomes easier.