Full lace wig cleaning procedure

Tools / raw materials
Wooden handle steel tooth comb wig to use this anti-static comb
Wig special bracket, washing time used to dry the full lace wig, but also as the usual model head yo, easy to place the full lace wig.
Wash liquid, this is 100g, a bottle of general use two times.
full lace wig anti frizz special nursing liquid, dry hair can be used

With special wig comb wig comb Shun (steel tooth comb), mm note, hair, except where bangs and head straight and other roll degrees is best used in military straighten out, not with a comb.

Put the u part wig in cold water for 5-10 minutes.. Not too long, too long, the hair is easy to fall off; and we should do it by hand.

First bubble good wig on special wig bracket, then change to a basin of water (generally use cold water to wash, if mm cold winter, then you can use is not higher than 30 DEG C warm water wash is also OK), and then use special wig washing liquid into the water, stir, remember do not scrub Oh, only need to hand gently grasping grasping hair can ha, after all, Za wig with their real hair or different HA, can not easily torn.

After washing it for a pot of clean water, clean with water, and then use the hair after the wig dedicated care liquid soaked out.

To be completely dry when using a full lace wig will be washed into the good, good air permeability can be sealed in plastic bags
Keep the wash. The wig must be kept in a dry place.