Getting a Do Over for a Previous Relationship

Heartbreak has happened to most people at different points in their lives and the feeling is similar to all that has experienced it. The most common type of heartbreak happens when a relationship ends. It revels the five stages of grief which are defined by the Kubler-Ross method in Psychology. These stages in order include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Immediately after the relationship ends, the unsuspecting heartbroken person begins to deny that the relationship actually has ended. That person is in a state of shock and does not want to remove a familiar habit in their life, so they choose to ignore the fact that the break-up just happened.

Once the party that ended the relationship continues to ignore and disown the relationship for at least two weeks or more, the person that was in denial becomes angry because they may feel as though their time was wasted. Partly because that person was invested and put forth effort into making the relationship work. The person then begins to try to reason why the relationship did not work and what they could have done to change the outcome. The person may even attempt to contact the other party that was in the relationship to share the new found reasons and solutions to try to make the relationship workout. After being unsuccessful in rekindling the relationship, the heartbroken person finally comes to a realization that the relationship is over and is not happening again. After realizing this, the heartbroken may try to move on to a new relationship.

For the heartbroken person that is stuck at stage four, the clinger stage, winning your ex back is the main priority and there are no alternate outcomes. For this driven person, there are several methods to utilize to accomplish this goal. The first task should be to avoid contacting the person that caused the heartbreak for at least two weeks. The second task should be to work on yourself through exercise, diet and meditation. The third task should be to contact the person that caused the heartbreak and see if you can meet them for a friendly coffee and catch up as friends only. The fourth task is to not appear available, cut meetings short and always have something else to do. Being unavailable, more in touch with yourself and being okay with the friend status may eventually win your ex back.