Go Where Your Money Will Be Appreciated

It’s a terrible feeling to pay good money to go out with friends or on a date, only to be made to feel like you weren’t welcome in the establishment in the first place, ostracized because you’re gay. It’s times like that you would much rather visit gay friendly businesses to spend your hard earned money, but how are you supposed to know ahead of time which restaurants and businesses will embrace the rainbow colored community and which ones will harbor prejudice?


For nearly 20 years now, the gay and lesbian community has featured their own version of the yellow pages to turn to for gay and lesbian services. Making the transition to online services, this catch all venue can help consumers find every type of business from plumbers to attorneys in many of America’s top cities, recently expanding to include a number of international cities, too. Begun primarily as print product, now, the online search engine operates primarily on the Internet.


While the Gay Pages offers a search engine of paid advertisers of every possible type of business, specialty search engines such as www.gaycities.com have sprung up recently offering a search for consumers looking for entertainment options in various cities. This search option combines a search for gay friendly restaurants, gay bars, hotels and resorts with reviews, maps and photos, giving the shoppers a more complete researching experience. Covering 223 cities, this is the answer for those traveling or just looking for a local answer to a night on the town.


By watching the advertising of companies in specialized magazines, one can gauge the gay friendliness of the corporation. Whether they openly profess they’re gay-friendly or not, if they pay good corporate dollars to advertise in liberal magazines, support the arts, advertise on play bills of controversial plays, or pay for radio spots during a gay radio show, chances are they will be a good place to spend your time and money.

Don’t waste your cash at places likely to scorn your lifestyle. Instead, go where you are wanted and appreciated. Take the time to research the businesses in your local area or where you’re likely to be traveling.