How To Pick A Good Walking Shoe For You

When they hear about walking shoes, many people may ask, “Aren’t all shoes made for walking?” But running, walking, and other athletic activities each impact your feet in different ways and this is reflected in the design of each type of shoe. This article explains why walking and running require two different types of shoes, and how to pick the best walking shoe to fit your foot.

The Difference Between Walking And Running

When people walk, their weight distribution rolls forward through one foot to the next. Weight starts on the heel of the foot and shift through to the toes. As such, walking shoes are designed to flex with the foot as a person’s weight shifts. Mots of the cushioning is located on the heel of the foot, where initial impact is made. When running, by contrast, people land all of their weight on the entire foot at once. Therefor, cushioning is more evenly distributed, and there is generally more of it. The different designs optimize comfort for each activity.

Arch Size: Know Your Foot Type

Some people have very high arches in their feet, while others have very flat feet. You can determine your type by looking at your footprint. If your footprint mostly shows at the balls, toes and heel of your foot, you have a high arch. If most of the foot shows in the footprint, your feet are flatter. Communicate this to your sales representative when shopping for walking shoes, so they can help you pick a shoe suited to your foot type.

Fit Testing: The Most Important Part Of The Shoe

How well a shoe fits is more important than any other consideration. It should be snug around your entire foot, but not tight or uncomfortable. When testing a shoe, try walking down an incline. Scuff your feet forward. A well fit shoe will keep your in place and not let you slide forward very much, and still feel comfortable.

Having comfortable shoes that are properly suited for the activity at hand will keep your feet feeling good and safe from injury. While most people might not think there would be a major difference between walking and running shoes, there really is. Read more mens walking shoe reviews before shopping for your pair.