How to Succeed Selling Sea Glass Jewelry

When I first went sea glassing I never thought the hobby would become such a big part of my life.  I was just enjoying being in the water and looking for treasures. I hadn’t given much thought to making jewelry with it. A friend of mine showed me a video online about how to wrap sea glass and that was it.  The passion started

That was over a year ago now. I’ve got a few craft fairs, wholesales to jewelry shops, jewelry in consignment shops, selling to friends and family a Facebook page and an online selling page now on the popular site etsy. I think that I’ve learned a few things about selling sea glass jewelry.

To me keeping the price in line is very important. I keep in mind the quality of the piece of sea glass or sea pottery I’m working with.  In my area, like most, sea glass isn’t as nice as it is in Hawaii, the west coast or England and Scotland. I have started buying jewelry quality glass from sellers in these areas and the price of my jewelry will rise accordingly, but the quality will too.

When you are selling at a craft fair you need to price for your audience. There is a difference between yard sales, flea markets  and craft fairs.  Those attending flea markets and yard sales are looking for a bargain. Those attending a craft fair are looking for quality crafts. Here you can raise your prices a bit, but be aware of those who are  your  competition and what their prices are.

If you are selling sea glass or sea pottery jewelry in a consignment shop you’ll be able to gauge the price you should be charging by what other items are selling for in the shop. Remember, you will be paying a percentage to the shop owner, generally between 30% and 40%, some 45%.

I am not looking to make a fortune selling my sea glass and sea pottery jewelry. I am looking to be able to pay for supplies and fees so that I can continue to enjoy my favorite hobby.