Hydro Select Partners with David Robinson to Cultivate Greater Hydroponics Savvy


(Surrey, British Columbia)– Reports released earlier this year from the agricultural sector point out viable farmland has decreased globally by an estimated 50 percent over the last 55 years; in contrast, Earth’s population has more than doubled during the same time frame. As worldwide capacity to sustain humanity with adequate reserves of produce via traditional farming began to wane in the latter half of the previous century, industry experts ramped up their search for alternatives. Hydroponics has emerged as a promising solution for bridging the growing gap in supply and demand.

A fast growing sector for this type of equipment in North America has been coming directly from the states legal marijuana industry.  Supplying just one large operation in Washington State could mean over 1 million dollars in sales for the first year this newly formed company.  The term the green rush has been used to describe a time at where people are now realizing not only the benefits of hydroponics but also as a sustainable business.  Estimates are now that it is a 40-50 billion dollar a year industry and growing due to the fact that many states are now legalizing marijuana.  And since hydroponics is the most efficient way to grow this cash crop it only makes sense that large commercial facilities and individuals will not only have a need for this type of equipment but there will also be a need for education on how to best use the systems. 

This comes as no surprise to Jeremy Deichen, spokesperson for Hydro Select, who recently announced the industry-leading company’s partnership with a well-known authority in the field. Deichen explained, “We are proud to announce David Robinson, author of The Grower’s Handbook, has agreed to funnel his 20 years of experience into an exclusive video series revealing secrets of success in hydroponics. This is a first for the renowned master of our genre who has been deemed The Garden Sage, and David holds nothing back as he shares his tricks of the trade.”

Robinson’s knowledge of hydroponics stems from 20 years of firsthand experience in numerous aspects of the industry, including propagation & cloning, the use of plant nutrients & other flowering additives for optimum production as well as suitable growth medium choice. His expertise likewise spans equipment use and growing techniques. Among other elements, the newly released video covers the most important factors in maximizing yield with crops of this nature.  

Hydro Select carries an extensive inventory of industry-specific necessities ranging from growth facility climate control components and lighting to plant media and nutrient solutions. The company’s lineup additionally includes indoor grow tents, gardening tools and accessories and pest control products. Customer assistance with the company’s products as well as general gardening issues is offered via phone support as well as a selection of books covering relevant topics.

Concluded Deichen, “Hydroponics is the future of growing all types of plants and our world’s best hope for survival for a trusted food source.  Our goal is to ensure anyone interested in the industry is fully informed and set up for success from the beginning. This free hydroponics video featuring David Robinson’s valuable insight is available on our website, and it’s just the latest step in our efforts to equip others with the knowledge and tools needed to help offset the impacts of global climate change and population increase.”

About Hydro Select:

As a leader in the industry of supplying hydroponic equipment and plant nutrients, Hydro Select is dedicated to paving the way for a plentiful future by arming today’s generation with an understanding of the world’s most promising option in alternative farming.

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