Important Information for Couples with Mixed Status

It is not unusual to meet people hiv dating in the modern society. This is made possible due to the many methods of reducing risks of HIV transmission. You may dismiss this until you find yourself in such a situation without any knowledge of how to go about it. There is no need to be distressed as you can always have a successful relationship that can last a lifetime without getting infected or infecting your partner. This article gives you tips on how to face the challenges that come with one partner being HIV positive and the other being negative, a relationship termed as serodiscordant.

Issues that may arise

When in such a relationship, the infected partner may decide to be careful so as not to infect the uninfected partner. On the other hand, the uninfected partner may choose to take care of the infected partner so as to drive away stigma. In both cases, there shall arise an imbalance in the relationship. Therefore, it is important that you talk about the best ways of making the relationship work, including having sex and the limits of exposing oneself to risk.

How to reduce risk of infection

If you are sexually active, then you have to properly and consistently use condoms. However, the infected partner should also ensure that they take medication consistently so as to reduce the viral load in their serum. In the event that you use a condom and it bursts in the middle of the act, it is important for the uninfected partner to go for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). Do not just take some of your partner’s medication; instead consult a doctor immediately and let him or her prescribe the best procedure for you.

What about having children?

It is almost impossible to have children naturally without exposure to HIV. But you can have the sperm washed off the virus though this is very expensive. Infected women can have artificial insemination then follow the correct medication which reduces transmission to the baby to 2%

As long as you are able to agree on the modalities, a mixed status relationship can just be as successful as any other relationship. It is vital to remember that always you are risk of transmission and therefore you should never let your guard down.