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Finding the Right Photo Booth Rental for Your Party or Event

Considering a photo booth rental for an upcoming event? Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate party or any other big occasion, a photo booth will surely add an unforgettable dimension to your memories. Ask those who’ve tried renting or using one and they will tell you the exact same thing.

One thing great about photo booth rentals is you have plenty of providers to pick from. So how do you choose a good one?

Photo Quality

Believe it or not, many photo booth rentals use printers that don’t even produce photo quality prints. That’s the reason you should always ask an online provider to mail you samples. Consider two or three prospects for comparison and you will be amazed at the difference.

Image Size

Ask them how big the photos from the booth will be. You’ll never know when your next one-in-a-million shot comes along. You want to make sure you can enlarge it when it does.

Booth Size

When you talk about photo booths, the larger, the better. A bigger booth obviously means more people can be accommodated and there are more possibilities.


Yes, photo crop makes a difference. Most rentals use a horizontal crop, which is only good for up to three people. Find a booth that uses a vertical crop so more people can be allowed in each picture or there will be enough space to strike a good pose.

Backup Equipment

This is probably an important event or you wouldn’t care renting a photo booth. Ensure that your chosen provider will be useful from the start all the way to the end. In other words, they should have backup equipment whenever necessary. You wouldn’t believe many of these “providers” run their business from a cellphone and have literally just one booth. If that one and only booth starts failing the night before your event, what now? You really need to do some homework before choosing a provider. Reading online reviews can really help.

File Storage

You’d also like to know your prospective photo booth provider’s procedures in terms of file storage. For instance, will they keep the files after you have received your DVD? Are the files saved in a crash-prone hard drive?


Finally, ensure that there will be a written contract with your chosen provider for mutual protection. And pay attention to the terms on running time. Some companies only guarantee operation for up to 70% of the agreed running time. The question is, will you have to pay them only 70% of your bill? This does sound ridiculous so be sure to clear it up before signing anything. There’s no reason they should keep you from getting your full money’s worth. As a client, you have every right to demand it.

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