Looking For Cheap SFO Parking Rates?

Vacations are expensive enough without paying outrageous prices to park at the airport. If you are trying to find cheap sfo parking rates, here are a few tips that you can use to save a bit of money! Of course, parking right at the airport may be the most convenient, but it goes without saying that it is also the most expensive option for parking if you plan to be gone for an extended period of a week or more. Taking a bit of time to research some other parking options can save you a bundle of money when you are planning a trip out of the San Francisco Airport.

When flying out of a busy airport, many people automatically assume they will park in the airport Long Term Parking without giving it another thought, until they arrive and are floored by the price. Of course, at that time, it’s too late to do anything else. A much cheaper alternative to this is Off Site Airport Parking. This is a parking facility, usually close to the airport, that allows travelers to safely park there, for close to half the price of parking on airport premises. These Off Site Parking areas offer free round the clock airport shuttles, delivering you right to your terminal.

Another little considered option to save on SFO parking rates is looking into area hotels that offer free parking. This is a wonderful option, especially if you are traveling a distance to the airport or have an early departure time. Staying at a hotel near the airport ensures a good night’s rest and a quick trip to the airport in the morning. Many of the hotels near the airport offer Free Parking with a minimal overnight stay. One of the generous offers available now is ten (10) days Free Parking with one (1) overnight stay at the hotel, the night prior to your departure. Free shuttle transportation to the airport is included in the deal, making this a great way to park cheaply when flying out of San Francisco.

Don’t just assume that high Long Term Parking prices are part of the deal when flying. Take the time to research your lower cost options. You can spend a little time to save a lot of money.