Looking For Something New To Listen To? Try An Audio Book

If you want to read a great book, but just don’t feel like you have enough time, you should listen to a great book instead. You can listen to an audio book with any type of mp3 player that you have. You can download it to your mps player just like a song. Then you can enjoy the pleasures of a great book while you relax with your mp3 player or while you work out.

If you are not sure what book you should download, if you have not read the Game of Thrones series, you should start out with the first book, A Song of Ice and Fire. The series is written by George R. R. Martin. There are currently five books in the series, with two more books still to be released.

The book is set in the land of Westeros, where dragons and ancient prophecies rule the land. The land of Westeros has seven different kingdoms, but there is only one king to rule all of the different kingdoms.

The first book follows the power struggle that takes place over the throne of Westeros through the viewpoint of eight different characters. The book switched between different character’s viewpoints, all while telling the story in chronological order.

The book has been extremely popular. It appeals to both fantasy readers as well as non-fantasy readers. R.R. Martin was able to build such a large audience through excellent story telling. He is able to weave hundreds of different characters throughout the book in a seamless fashion that readers are able to follow along with.

He is also able to keep the mystery going throughout the series. In the first book, he proposes some questions in your mind, and leaves some of them unanswered at the end of the first book, enticing you to keep reading the series to find out what happens later.

If you want to listen to an audio book that will keep you more engaged than a movie, you need to download the Game of Thrones series, starting with the first book, A Song of Ice and Fire. You can find out more about the series if you read this post here.