Orlando Has More to Offer than Disney World

Sure, the world-renowned theme park is what draws many people to the city but it isn’t the only thing the town has to offer. Whether you are in town for a visit or are planning a move to central Florida, you may be surprised by the growing LGBTQ population. To get the full experience of being gay in Orlando, you must visit Parliament House, Hamburger Mary’s and the Ivanhoe Row Antiques District.

Parliament House is a club, a bar and a hotel that caters to the LGBTQ community. Whether you are in your 20s or you are an older man, you are sure to have fun at Parliament House — where there is something for everyone. If you aren’t into clubbing, you may enjoy relaxing in the pool lounge or watching a fun drag show.

Hamburger Mary’s is a fun restaurant and lounge that provides awesome entertainment. Between the drag shows, delicious entrees and desserts and hot servers, you are sure to leave Hamburger Mary’s in a great mood. Be sure to bring some extra cash for parking while you are in the restaurant enjoying all the food and entertainment Hamburger Mary’s has to offer. Hamburger Mary’s uses all of its available space for entertaining guests and does not provide free parking.

If you are looking for an eclectic shopping district, you can’t leave the city without strolling through the Ivanhoe Row Antiques District. You’ll find record stores, antique furniture and thrift stores that offer items you won’t find at home. There are also some restaurants and bars in the district if you need to take a break from shopping and get a bite to eat or have a beer with your friends.

The city has a lot more to offer than Disney-themed entertainment. If you’ve already experienced all Walt Disney has to offer and you are in need of some adult entertainment, you can find everything you are looking for right in Orlando. With LGBTQ-friendly hotels, gay or lesbian owned restaurants and a shopping district full of unique stores and eateries, your vacation can include much more than the Disney experience.

Ways to Get Set for a Unexpected Trip

Once in a while, serendipity comes about, and you simply end up out of the blue the happy recipient of an occasion you did not predict, such as when a friend has a fabulous getaway scheduled and then unexpectedly, was powerless to actually go, and supplies someone else the actual option! Three cheers! Hold on a moment – you were not planning for a last minute vacation, so you really don’t possess a vacation checklist to be certain you won’t forget a single thing. Precisely what things must you be sure you take if you are to enjoy this excellent opportunity to holiday?

You shouldn’t have to stress. First, take into account the climate report within your holiday location, and simply pack your clothing keeping that in mind. Be sure to additionally pack at the bare minimum a handful of items that will likely be of support if the climate turn out to be hotter or even less warm than anticipated. Get any specific drugs you will need. Take ear plugs along with an eye shade, if you happen to be a light sleeper. Take the contact information of any associates you could possibly wish to see in the process, stash some urgent situation funds, and then, if you are visiting a place wherein the language is unfamiliar, use a phrasebook. If you are intending to observe the actual scenery, take with you a cushty pair of running footwear, a atlas within the area and perhaps a good traveler manual. Carry sun screen lotion should it be appropriate, and whatsoever you do, make sure you remember your current vacation files!


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