Preserve Treasured Photos With A Charcoal Sketch

Photographs are a way to preserve memories and keep them alive, virtually forever. They can be a treasured look into times past or a way to share a current memory with others. With the advent of technology, it seems as if almost everyone has a cell phone camera and is always snapping pictures for all occasions. The unfortunate reality of this current trend is that though many of these photos are emailed or shared on social media, many are lost when the phone is damaged and replaced or inadvertently deleted due to a technological or user error. Thus, special memories tend to fade away. A convenient and unique way to preserve special memories is with a photo to sketch service. This process allows the user to turn a memory into a keepsake to ensure it is never forgotten. It becomes a special work of art that can be displayed in the home for all to enjoy.

The process is simple. A photo is uploaded to a website that allows the purchaser to choose from a variety of different sketches that are available. Though choices from a simple pencil sketch all the way to a colored oil painting are possible, many choose the popular charcoal sketch or charcoal rendering. . When the sketch is complete, it is shipped to the purchaser or gift recipient to enjoy for years to come.

If a charcoal sketch is chosen, it is a “loosely styled” textured sketch that brings a photo to life in a casual way. It takes much less time than the more detailed charcoal rendering, thus it is a less expensive option. This choice is perfect for someone who desires to give a photo sketch a try, without a great investment. A charcoal rendering, while still a reasonably priced option, is more involved than a standard charcoal sketch. This artwork is richly textured and has many shades of black and white. It is much more detailed and is more like a real life photo, though it is 100% hand drawn.

No matter what choice is ultimately decided, a photo turned to sketch will be treasured for many years. Though memories may fade, a sketch will help keep the memory alive for a lifetime.