Rekindle the Flame with Your Ex

If you are upset that your relationship recently ended, take some time to wallow in your feelings; however not too long. Make the decision to do something about it because licking your wounds isn’t going to make him take you back. What will get her back is taking the right action steps so let’s get started.

New relationships are wonderful but when the dust settles and the real person shows up things quickly take a new direction. Far too often, in a relationship, it becomes all about the other person. Resentment follows because you aren’t getting what you need in return. The truth is, your ex isn’t responsible for your happiness or vice versa. Only you can fulfill that responsibility.

Laugh More

Find every opportunity to laugh and be happy just because. Experts have proven that laughter is a powerful medicine against depression. Additionally, you won’t have time to feel bad after your break up.

Making your Ex Want you Back

Showing your ex that you can be happy without him/her is the first step in how to make your ex want you back. Take this time apart to explore different things that make you happy. You might be surprised to discover that you were once a fun person to be with. Moreover, you may begin to redefine what you want from your ex and the relationship.

Rekindle a Love Affair

Rekindle a love affair with yourself. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Go to dinner or to a movie alone sometimes. Use this time to work on defining what makes you special and amazing. Become comfortable with you.

Friends Matter

Spend time with good friends who appreciate and revive the real you. Bask in their stories of why you are a good friend and return the favor.

The best type of revenge is success. When your ex sees that you have fallen in love with yourself and are happy with being you, this may just be what it takes to spark interest again. At that time, you can decide to share yourself with him again. Whatever the outcome, you win back the most important relationship and that is with yourself first.