Social Media: The Benefits of Online Lives

Facebook may not seem to get the media attention of Twitter, but it is a mammoth-sized social media site that continues to draw in dedicated users. Over 1.5 billion people are active on the site each month, and 65 percent of the members access their accounts every day. This site offers a different type of experience than other social media sites, and its uniqueness is what encourages so many to establish accounts.

On Facebook, it is not about just adding a fast quip or spreading a specific hashtag. It is more about sharing your experiences and your life. Much like the old-fashioned weekly phone call home, this is a simple way to update everyone on anything you want.

Most users use the page as a way to keep in contact with family and friends as well as use it for entertainment, shopping, and staying politically active. Jokes, photos, and news spread throughout the site easily and there is almost always something new to see and enjoy.

Businesses can have instant feedback and communication with their customers. Those customers also now have a forum to really be heard. Whether it is to spread the word about a company or product they love or to make a complaint, it is easy to accomplish both here. It is profitable for many businesses because people are able to learn about them and feel more confident when they know someone is there if they have a problem.

Every user establishes their own account in a way that is comfortable for them. Their profile becomes a small display of who they are, or who they want to be. For example, by looking at the page created by Juliette McCollum you can learn she lives in Buffalo, enjoys historical political figures, and is concerned about environment causes. This information makes it easy to decipher if this is the Juliette you went to high school with or if this stranger is someone you want to make your friend.

If you are only interested in staying in touch with those you already know, that is fine. If you want to make friends with all new people and have an entirely separate persona from your physical life, that too is acceptable. What makes social media so inviting is how flexible it is and how it can be utilized by each person in a way that makes them happy.