Talking to Girls: Three Tips to Be More Naturally Attractive

While it might be natural for others, a lot of men (young guys especially) feel especially anxious and nervous when approaching girls. Despite the fact that the qualities and attributes women find attractive vary a lot from woman to woman, some basics of attraction are universal. This Tao of Badass Review highlights some main archetypes of the book. The short, though poignant, series is becoming a staple in the art of capturing a girl’s attention the right way. These basics should be taken into consideration every time one approaches a desired girl and, perfected through practice, can improve one’s chances.

Body Image- Many guys think that looking good means having bulging muscles, expensive designer clothes or the latest fashionable haircut and accessories. Unfortunately this leads many guys to look either too formal, too sloppy, or like they live in the gym. What looks right on one guy might not be what looks right on someone else. Crafting a style by learning what compliments the specific looks will make a man appear more attractive and make him more confident in return.

Body language-When it comes to how a man projects his image to other people, a lot of seemingly small details and behaviors can add up to make a man look far more appealing and much more attractive. Don’t shy away from eye contact, and maintain a confident posture by keeping the head up high, shoulders leveled and the back straight. Physical contact through a hug, a hand on the shoulder or even just a handshake can project confidence if done correctly as well as increase the connection and level of comfort between a man and the girl.

Positivism: Women feel attracted to men who are positive and heartwarming. This is not a rocket science. All those negative feelings need to be hidden away, especially early on in being with a girl and spending time with her.

Men who follow the above principles will be more attractive, even if their actual face leaves a little to be desired. They bring these qualities up naturally and nonchalantly as the conversation evolves. This art of conversing is one of the most important elements in establishing consistent attraction.