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How An Interfaith Ketubah Can Be Personalized

When you will be having an interfaith Jewish wedding, you could be getting a ketubah which is a Jewish marriage contract. The ketubah is one way for interfaith couples to include the Jewish culture into their wedding. It is fun to shop for the right design and deciding on what the text will say. But you will no doubt have a lot of inquiries. These tips will help you out:

Your rabbi can tell you about what you’ll need.

In the Jewish law, an interfaith ketubah is not a legal document, but your rabbi will still have a strict guideline for you with regards to the text. The couple are both referred to as being followers in Jewish law. If one spouse is not Jewish, the terminology would not be correct so the rabbis would prohibit such wording on the ketubah. Ask for advice from your rabbi on what is permitted at the wedding since they are the final authority when it comes to the wedding.

Make sure you find wordings that is acceptable for you both.
A lot of couples focus more on the design of the ketubah instead of the text but the text is also equally important. Browse the Internet for sample ketubah texts for inspiration. You can follow a text word for word, or you can compose your own.

When you come up with your own text, it can be a special memory of planning your wedding. Have your rabbi translate your ketubah text to two languages if you would prefer.

It is best to ask the rabbi about your names

When you have found the right ketubah and text, you will then have to decide on how to handle your names. It is common to use the Jewish name of the Jewish spouse, in partnership with the Hebrew names of the parents.

Always acquire proof when filling in the ketubah.

Once text and names have been figured out, you can now order your ketubah. Get your ketubah artist to fill in the information if you want a fancy look.

Getting a proof before finalizing the document is very important. Check for errors and make sure it is perfect before your ketubah will be created. Have your rabbi check it properly just to make sure. Allowing ample time for proofing is very crucial. When you see errors later on and you have signed off on the proof, you would need to pay an extra amount to get it fixed.

A ketubah can be a great tradition to use in your interfaith wedding. These tips can help your ketubah ceremony run without any hitches.