The Advantages of Living in a Gayborhood

Whether you want a place to live where you can live comfortably without being judged for who you love or you would rather live in an eclectic area than in a place where some people are treated differently based on factors beyond their control, a gayborhood may be just what you are looking for in a community. Residing in a neighborhood when gay families coexist with traditional families without drama or discrimination gives parents an opportunity to teach their children that differences make the world a better place.

Sections of cities with a higher population of gay people tend to be more vibrant. Gayborhoods usually have a wide variety of shops, restaurants and bars available within walking distance to most homes. This kind of community is a fun place for single men and women because their is typically a vibrant night life with something for everyone.

Another advantage of living in gayborhoods is that the properties tend to be very well kept. The lawns are typically manicured and homes that were once thought to be poor investments rise in value. Gayborhoods are often near city centers and close to highways and employment opportunities. You can find them nestled into inner-cities where they are often the catalyst for gentrification. Unfortunately, in some cases, the area becomes so gentrified that it is no longer affordable for the residents and new gayborhoods are formed in other parts of the city.

Gayborhoods may also be safer places to live because residents take pride in their community and look out for each other. Walking is a popular mode of transportation and you are likely to see people outdoors at all hours of the day and night. A thriving business community and healthy night life keep the street safe whether you want to walk your dog or take a stroll to the coffee shop. Unlike some suburban communities, where residents don’t know their neighbors, residents of gayborhoods are often friendly and willing to get to know the people who live, work and play in the area. Because they are more social neighborhoods, gayborhoods are safer places to live.