The Secret to Making Him Want You Back

As you probably know by now, figuring out how to make him miss you and how to get him to want you back can be a tricky task. It is something that takes focus and hard work. Fortunately, there are things you can do to not only make him miss you, but to make him want to chase after you too.

No Contact

This is actually the hardest step in the process. It is also the step that a lot of people just do not understand. You can improve your chances of making him miss you and making him want you back by not having any contact with him. There are a lot of things guys think about after a relationship ends:

Will she contact me before I contact her
Is she thinking about me
Is she with someone else

You want to give him time to think about all of these things. These core thoughts are how he comes to miss you. Eventually these core thoughts are going to turn into, “I don’t understand why she hasn’t contacted me.” After that, it is only a matter of time where he contacts you instead. That’s when you know you are winning.

Focus on You

Take a look at your health, your diet, and your exercise routine. There are probably things you can do and improve. The key is to tell yourself that you are doing these things for you. After all, there is nothing wrong with shedding a few pounds and improving your diet. If it makes you more attractive to him, then you just benefit from it in more than one way. Chances are pretty good the next time he sees you; he will not be able to stop himself from staring at your slightly improved body.

Make sure you retain a social life after the relationship ends. Guys do not work the same way as girls. As a girl, you love thinking you are his entire world. A lot of guys really do not like a girl coming off as desperate and needy. A guy needs to know that your world does not fall apart without him.