Tips for Dressing Your Toddler During the Summer Months

When the summer sun starts beating down, it is tempting to wear as little as possible. If you are hot during the summer, then you can be sure that your child is hot as well. However, in some cases it’s not a good idea to just let your child run around in shorts, no shoes, and no shirt. You will want to buy clothing that will protect your little one not only from the sun’s harmful rays but from the bite of mosquitos as well. Read on below for some tips on how to dress your child this summer so that they are protected but not stifled when they play.

Always put on a Hat

When you take your little one out to the park or even into the yard to play, make sure, you cover their head with some kind of hat. You should choose a hat that has a wide brim so that your little ones face and eyes are protected as well. You will have a better chance of getting your child to wear the hat if they help you pick the hat out. Let your child choose the color and style of hat that they want and they will be more apt to keep it on for you when you take them outside.

Choose the Proper Clothing

Choosing the proper clothing is important as well when it comes to dressing for the summer. It is best to dress in loose fitting light clothing that won’t attract the sun’s rays or hold in the sweat. It is best to wear long sleeves and pants when you are outside in the late afternoon and evening because mosquito bites can be deadly. You can also use insect repellent to keep bugs away as well. Using one or both is recommended as it is better to be safe than it is to be sorry.

These are just a few tips to use when dressing your child for the summer and outdoor weather. From choosing the proper clothing to putting on a hat, follow the tips above to have a healthy, safe summer with your child. You can visit for more information on designer summer clothing for your kids today.