Various Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Imagine that you have lost your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or, the case may be that you are actually experiencing this now. After the breakup, you realize that he or she was the best thing that ever happened to you. Now, you want your ex back. Can you do anything to get him or her back? If so, how can such a thing really happen for you? How complicated is the process going to be in getting him or her back? There is a website,, that dedicates itself to helping you do just that thing. At the website are offered some examples from Text Your Ex Back.

Ex Back Expertise believes that true love is worth fighting for, and have come up with several opportunities to assist you in rekindling the flame in your relationship that has gone out. The art of text judo is a method employed in getting the ex back. Text judo works pretty much like the actual martial art from which it is named. Judo practitioners learn to channel their own strength, and use the strength of their opponent as leverage. They use these leverages and channels to gain advantage over their opponents. Although, you certainly are not comparing your ex to an opponent, the strategy is still the same where you are trying to gain advantage in the relationship (whatever is left of it) and rebuild a new relationship as a result.

In text judo, you use your ex’s emotions against him/her and cause him or her to do what you desire. The text judo system is based on using communication techniques effectively. The techniques are found in five phases: contact, test, validate, translate and connect. This simply means you (1) make contact using casual “across the bow” texts, (2) gauge your ex’s interests using intimacy booster texts, (3) validate what your ex feels, whether good or bad, (4) translate these feelings into something that arouse competitive jealousy, and (5) you connect by reminding your ex you are a different person who is simply too great to be passed up. These techniques, along with other tips are offered on the Text Your Ex website. For more information, visit the website,