What Does God Want From Me?

Relationships are hard enough, but did you ever stop and wonder, just exactly does God want from me?  Of course He wants us to be happy, but it seems like there is just so much going on in life.  The news is so depressing I don’t want to watch it anymore.  Politicians are lying, sports figures are cheating, and the latest fad drug is killing those who get hooked on it.  And out of this mess I’m supposed to find a meaningful “relationship”?

Well there is good news and hope.  Our heavenly Father wants us to be completely happy; in fact He does not want us to lack for anything, especially in our relationships.  He is always there to help and to take us into His arms of Love.  More so, He wants to bestow on us the gift of His Love – His Divine Love.

So you’re asking yourself, so what is Divine Love and how is that going to help me with my relationships?  Is has everything to do with your relationships, but first let’s explain a little bit about what is Divine Love.

Simply stated, Divine Love is God’s Love for everyone, and He loves all His children equally.  However, He does not force His love on anyone because we all have Free Will.  You only have to ask for it, and He gives it freely – every time!

Okay, and this helps me with my relationships how?  It starts from within.  Are you familiar with the pebble effect?  If you toss a pebble into a pond, it ripples throughout the entire pond, effecting every molecule of water in the pond.

Receiving the gift of God’s Divine Love helps calm you from within.  If done sincerely, it will give you the “peace that passeth all understanding.”  It is absolutely a stunning turn as the calm and bliss fill your being, and things that used to annoy you no longer bother you. 

From this position of calm and bliss, you will open up to a new being — attracting different people in your life.  From here you will be able to choose another person who is better suited to you – the new you, filled with love and a new purpose for life.

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