What People Fail to Realize About Introverts

Introverts like to stay to themselves or so people believe. Many are easily identified by their behavior, as they are the ones standing by themselves at a party, looking like they would rather be anywhere else. Not all introverts are like this, however. Some are very social, yet exhibit many of the characteristics associated with introverts. How does one distinguish who is an introvert and who isn’t? There are some characteristics that introverts tend to show. Once a person knows what these characteristics are, they find identifying an introvert becomes much easier.

Introverts tend to avoid small talk. This doesn’t mean they can’t engage in small talk. They simply find it to be a waste of their time, and they feel disingenuous when they engage in it. They may become annoyed or anxious, but this doesn’t mean they don’t like other people. They simply don’t find they are comfortable with small talk, as they feel it creates a barrier between those who are talking.

An introvert tends to become easily overstimulated. When they are overwhelmed in a situation, they become distracted. For this reason, they look for environments that provide less stimulation. This is in direct contrast to extroverts, who tend to hate monotonous tasks and look for added stimulation.

Downtime is something introverts love, as this provides the time they need to recharge. The introvert enjoys time at home, doing nothing more than watching movies or reading a good book. They don’t feel the need to be surrounded by others at all times. In addition, introverts often shut down when they have been around other people for a period of time. They feel the need to return home and recharge. If they cannot, they have a tendency to zone out.

Scott Tellez is a self described introvert. According to his Twitter profile, he is the typical introvert, but he is much more than this. He’s also a beer aficionado, a pop culture junkie and a friendly food evangelist. Many will never know this, however, as he does tend to stay to himself. It’s up to others to draw him out. Those that do find he is a great friend and a fun person to be around. It’s time to make an extra effort to get to know these individuals, as those who know Scott adore him and enjoy every moment they spend in his company.