What To Consider When Buying Hair

Hair extensions were once a well-kept secret, but now most people are aware that celebrities use them. Nowadays many women make the considerable investment in hair to enhance their look. Extensions or weaves look like natural hair, and they can add considerable length, fullness, color, and texture to a hairstyle. Extensions are often referred to as weaves because sometimes the hair is attached by weaving it into a small, tight braid. It can also be sewn in between layers. The hair can also be attached with tiny clips or beads or adhesive tape, and it can be fused to the customer’s hair with either a hot or cold method. The best method of attachment will depend on the customer’s natural hair and the type of extensions she wants to use.

Hair is a popular export from East Asian and South Asian countries, but in the world of hair extensions, Indian hair is one of the favored products for women of all ethnicities. The texture of Indian hair is desirable because it is soft and smooth and can be curly or wavy, or easily straightened. The best hair for an indian weave is called “remy” or “full cuticle.” Another preferred characteristic is “virgin” hair. In addition, although all Indian hair is dark, it comes in a range of tones, with greater or lesser degrees of red.

If hair is called “remy” or “full-cuticle,” it was cut from the head of one person while the hair was gathered into a ponytail. In this way the cut hair was kept together, all in the same direction, and it is not supposed to be mixed with any other hair or synthetic product. This gives the hair a more natural look. If hair is “virgin,” then it has never been colored or chemically treated in any way. Some hair that is advertised as remy Indian hair may in fact be mixed with animal hair and synthetic fibers, and the hair itself maybe Chinese, which typically has a coarser texture. Thus, the hair may be treated with a chemical to smooth it and remove tangles, but this treatment can wear off shortly after the hair is purchased. Women who buy hair should find a trustworthy supplier.