When You Need it Fast: Expedient UK Passport Services

With new strict guidelines in place, getting a passport can be a frustrating and complex process. When you suddenly find yourself needing one immediately, it can be overwhelming. Even expedited services can mean a wait of days, if not weeks. When you need a passport that cannot wait for the standard Government Issue times, you need the help of a UK Passport Services provider.

Many service providers offer online appointment bookings and the ability to schedule appointments at times that are convenient for you. They can also guide you through the application process and review your form to ensure it’s error free prior to submission, cutting down on the possibility of delays or returned applications.

If you need to travel quickly due to work, family, or other responsibilities and find there are issues with your passport, you can lodge an emergency passport renewal request to have your passport renewed quickly. If you file your request through normal channels, this can take several days, but with a passport service, your request will be jumped ahead in the queue based upon your need and travel dates.

If you have lost your passport, you will have to file a notice and an application to have it replaced. It can be very frustrating to find yourself away from home and your local passport office but unable to travel home without your passport. A new law passed in January 2014 allows you to post your required documents or provide them to a courier to be delivered to a passport services office for processing.

It can take up to three weeks to secure a regular passport appointment, and even the fast track option usually means waiting a week. A passport service bypasses the “first come, first served” rule with one that considers each specific case based upon urgency and need. Appointments for those who are traveling at a later date can be rescheduled to make room for your more urgent need. This doesn’t cause issues as each individual is seen in the order that best fits his or her schedule and needs.

Don’t miss your next flight due to passport issues. Make an appointment with a passport service today.